Wilma tells her story!

Dear guests and friends of the Hohenhaus,

I should like to tell you some interesting, funny and personal things about our family in the stories below and I hope that you will enjoy them.

Part 1: Your hostess, Wilma tells tales of the past ...

(Written in 2011)

Dear guests, In the first edition of the Hohenhauser I should like to tell you about my parents and the first guests. >Read more

Part 2: Continuation of the story of the origins ...

(Written in 2013)

It was now up to me to turn the Pension Hohenhaus (no stars), which dated from the 1950’s and was no longer sufficiently up to date, into a ship-shape, modern hotel. >Read more

Part 3: Our family ...

(Written in 2014)

My mother came from the Nennerhof in Hintertux. For many decades as a farmer and the hostess she was the heart and soul of the Hohenhaus. She accomplished amazing things and endured a great deal, especially in the war years. >Read more

Part 4: Hoachnhaus Seppal ...

(Written in 2015)

In this edition I will tell you an interesting story about my ancestors. It was intended that “Hoachnhaus Seppal” (Josef Wechselberger) should acquire the Hohenhauser Hof. >Read more

Part 5: My childhood ...

(Written in 2016/17)

I was born on the 28th August 1940, the eldest of three daughters. My sister, Ilse was born in 1943 and Christl followed in 1950. >Read more

Part 6: The origins of the glacier lift ...

(Written in 2017)

My father’s childhood was marked by misfortune and poverty. After the death of his parents he and his brothers and sisters were separated and sent to different orphanages in the Tyrol and in South Tyrol. >Read more

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